Initial Training Sessions Start 6th June 2016

Training will start 2 weeks before the go live date The sessions will be timetabled around current library opening times. There will be a mixture of mornings (10-12) afternoons (2-4) and evenings (6:30 –8:30pm) including at least one Saturday. We recommend that your “super users” attend all training . Other volunteers may wish to cherry pick the sessions that best suit their needs, abilities and proposed duties. There will be maximum capacity numbers of 12 people attached to each session and some sessions will require IT literacy. Training sessions will take 2 hours.  Below is a summary of the five different training sessions.

An introduction to your library

Everything you need to know about your library building including:
 Opening and closing,  Safeguarding ,  Data Protection, The layout of the library, A look through your bespoke library manual.
No computer experience necessary

Stock handling

Learn about how libraries categorise , shelve and tidy books. We will also talk about promoting stock and how to handle donations .
No computer experience necessary.

The Digital Library

Learn about our digital library offer Inc.  The online catalogue  Managing your account online  E-books/ Audio/ Magazines  The online reference offer  Customer printing offer Some computer experience would be ideal but not essential.


Library Management System Absolute beginners

For the less confident with IT Log on /off the system Covering Borrow and return a book Renew a book Using the book scanner Stamping books.


The library management system

These sessions will show you how to operate our computer systems . You will need to have some computer experience although we will assign one session for absolute beginners. Session A. ( for all computer users) You will learn how to:  Borrow and return a book  Renew a book  Pay fines/ charges  Join new members
Session B. (must have attended A) You will learn how to:  Deal with incoming/ outgoing deliveries  Look for books for other libraries  Operate the photocopier  Deal with damaged stock

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