Author Andy Cope

Derby-born Andrew Cope (most people call him Andy) never actually set out to be a writer – he wasn’t even particularly good at English at school. In spite of that he has several animal-based children’s book series to his name, including Spy Dog, Spy Pups and Spy Cat, not to mention Author Andrew Cope and his dogsRaccoon Rampage.

He always describes himself as an ‘accidental author’ who came late to writing. He wrote his first book, Spy Dog, at the age of 37. He says the inspiration came when he watched a James Bond film with his family and wondered whether their dog Lara might secretly be a sophisticated spy and just pretending to be a ‘normal’ pet. Lara soon came to mean Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal, and Spy Dog was born.

When he isn’t writing he is a keen football fan and an avid supporter of Derby County. He also loves music, but his website says he avoids German opera, soul, and hip-hop.

He also writes self-help books designed to teach adults how to live happier lives. The Art of Being Brilliant, and Being Brilliant Everyday, were followed by The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager, the first positive psychology book for teens.

Andy lives with his wife, two children, two pet dogs, two pet pigs and a various assortment of guinea pigs, hamsters, pigs and fish.

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